Premam and Drishyam were Industrial Hits in Mollywood in last decade along with Pulimurugan which became first Malayalam movie to make total business of 100 Crores.

We are comparing Total Gross of Both Industrial Hits using Piechart (Values in Crores):-

Premam Piechart Breakdown(values in crores)

Premam which Released in 2015 Grossed 67 Crores Worldwide. Movie crossed Drishyam(Industrial Hit prior to Premam) in all Circuits.

<figcaption>Drishyam Piechart Breakdown(values in crores)

Drishyam which released in 2013 Grossed 55 Crores Worldwide. Movie crossed Pazhassiraja (Industrial Hit prior to Drishyam) in all Circuits.

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