Mamangam which released on December 12 is a classic movie which focus on Mamangam history of Kerala. Movie got good reviews from audience and all were going well until so called paid PR team started sharing mobile shot videos with altered background music. It all started by 5 Pm and went on till midnight.

Still malayalees who believe in this movie went on & watched it in nearby theatres since it’s released in 90% of screens in Kerala and due to good promotions. From December 13, afternoon videos supporting Mamangam & Facebook posts supporting Mamangam came from General public. Family audience & neutral audience liked the movie and went on to share same in social media.

Like Chavers attacking mighty Samoothiri (who is synonym of hate), General public is acting as Chavers against paid trolls. Nowadays it’s easy to find a PR team in Kochi concentrating on degrading movies & political parties using false claims. They use Online Hooliganism and attack movies. Sadly rival producers pay hefty amount for such negative marketing. These PR teams use jobless youth & students who need pocket money as their resource. They targeted by releasing video which Mammootty enacts a role of transgender. It was one of the most applauded scene in theatre but using comic music behind it and abusing actor is the most pathetic thing done by these miscreants. It also shows their hate towards transgenders which is sad. It’s really heart breaking to such acts.

If this trend of Online Hooliganism continues, then forget about Big Budget movies which are classics in Malayalam. Kudos to Venu Kunnampilly for making a Big Budget Classic in Malayalam. We loved each and every moment in the movie. In coming days we can see General audience coming forward and strike back at this Paid PR Devils.