Bigil directed by Atlee has crossed 250 Crores from Worldwide Theatricals. Movie has crossed 125 Crores from Tamilnaadu itself. Movie needs to make 80.5 Crores Share in Tamilnaadu alone to declare it as hit.

Tamilnaadu 125.3 Crores
Kerala 16.2 Crores
Ap/Telangana 19.1 Crores
Karnataka 13 Crores
Rest Of India 3.2 Crores
Domestic Gross 176.8 Crores
North America $1.66M
Middle East $2.67M
Malaysia $2.87M
Singapore $1.07M
SriLanka $1.15M
Australia/NZ $0.37 M
UK $0.65M
France $0.53M
Rest Of Europe $0.95M
Africa $0.2M
Rest Of World $0.4M
Overseas Gross 89 Crores ($12.52M)
Total Gross 265.8 Crores