Tamil films have always been biggest money churners in Kerala after Malayalam movies.

This year has witnessed some Tamil movies making big money at Kerala BoxOffice.

  1. Petta – 8.56 Crores
  2. Bigil (2 days) – 8.23 Crores
  3. Peranbu – 6 Crores
  4. Kaappan – 5.5 Crores
  5. Vishwasam – 4.3 Crores

In above list Only Peranbu was BreakEven in Kerala with 6 Crores Gross. Distribution team bought Kerala rights for just 50 Lakhs.

Petta was bought for 5 Crores and it collected only 8.56 Crores. Bigil which was bought for 5 Crores will be BreakEven in its 3rd day.

Kaappan which was bought by Tomichan Mulakupaadam for Kerala distribution at whooping price of 3.5 Crore collected only 5.5 Crores and ended as flop.

Vishwasam which was also bought by Tomichan Mulakupaadam for 2.5 Crores collected only 4.3 Crores from Kerala and ende up as flop.

The other languages theatre count rule had really effected Tamil movies business in Kerala.