Aju Varghese who has been one of the top comedians in the last few years has been losing his charm nowadays. As an actor, he is boring nowadays with most of his comedies misfiring. He is one of the most active people in social media and he promotes movies well using his profiles mainly using Facebook.


He usually interacts with his fans and tries to be engaging with them. Normally stars have to face many criticisms from fans in social media and most of the stars handle that with care while some give tit for tat replies. Aju has also caught in such a stint for his Ittimaani Made In China promotion post.

A fan of his replied to post saying, the movie is an overflow of goodness. Being a feel-good movie, it has an excess of goodness in it. But the reply from Aju was most vulgar πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž.

“If you don’t like go becomes a terrorist” – Aju Varghese

Such a third rate response from a responsible actor & producer is never expected. Most of the netizens have criticized this immature act. Either Aju Varghese or the team handling the account must apologize for such dirty remarks else it’s sure that Aju Varghese will soon push himself into oblivion. Already people are disliking his acting skills if he continues this sort of hate-mongering audience will easily neglect him in near future. We have seen many actors fading away due to their arrogance.