2pointO (robot version name) is a sci-fi thriller film directed by Shankar. It stars Rajnikanth and Akhshay Kumar in the lead role.

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When a movie freak thinks about technical perfection and innovation in Indian movies, Shankar is the name which comes to everyone’s mind. An Ace director who can match the charishma of Marvel/DC movies with limited budget. Shankar is known for making movies with thought provoking message wrapped in powerful script which is graced with VFX and innovative camera works. Actually the brand “Shankar” has grown out to be the most powerful director in India. All these impression mentioned above made us floak to best theatre in your town for 3D version of the movie.


Film starts with an awesome title intro of “Superstar Rajni”. Must say that it was awesome to see his name coming towards us in 3D. First scene itself is suicide of antagonist. Right from next scene we are back to Dr Vaseegaran’s laboratory, where we gets introduced to domestic robo (Amy Jackson). Movie then goes forward with some eye catching VFX, the bird themed murders and takes us for a ride. Frankly speaking those were the best VFX scenes ever in Indian film history till date. The moment “Chitti” is introduced, the standard of VFX comes down (Read somewhere that the company which did intial VFX portion was shut down, so an Indian company associated with Ajay Devgan did rest of VFX). The dramatic dialogues makes us feel awkward. Funny scene is the girl from the group of many thrown from 30 floors whom chitti rescues will ask him “so chitti, you are back!” (It made me laugh to core). Felt like Shankar sir who was known for neatly wrapping movie lost his touch in this . Until the backstory of Mr Pakshiraajan movie looked like a game with Dr Vaseegaran team trying to tame the antagonist using the positive energy rays emission. Dr Vaseegaran in his meeting with scientist group and CM explains about the “Fifth Force”. So when we come to know how Dr Pakshiraajan was able to control all mobile phones using his “fifth force” (Aura), the entire scientific logics goes out for a brisk walk. It was foolish ever explanation from the 2pointO team which made science linked with ghost (Aura). The backstory of Dr Pakshiraajan was gripping and good. So once its over , we can see some overdose of VFX, which looked really silly. Dr Pakshiraajan explanation of “why” he did this actions (its secret) was convincing, but “how” he did this was not even near convincing. (Shankar sir how can you do this to fans like us). Movie ends with first ever marriage/living together of 2 robots which was very much desi.



Rajnikanth as Dr Vaseegaran was okay. He lacked some energy in his dialogue delivery. While his role as “Chitti” & “Kutti” was not even near to the first part of this movie (Enthiran).

Akshay kumar

Akshay Kumar portion as Dr Pakshiraj was really good. His acting as a soft spoken bird lover was really good. But when he takes the seat of antagonist, he was not that good.

Amy Jackson as jani was just okay. Some of her dialogues and acting portions were really awkward.

Kalabhavan Shajon as Telecom minister nailed it. Funny and interesting.

Shankar as Director was really bad this time. Showing some VFX scenes (both of good and bad quality) doesn’t makes a movie good,it needs a proper script to maintain the flow of the movie. Must say movie lacked flow in second half. AR Rahman music and background music was not upto mark. The “Mozart of Madras” is slowly loosing his medas touch.

Final Cut

The movie which was touted to be “Next level of Indian film industry” didn’t satisfy me. For the people who have seen Marvel/DC or even Disney movies will definitely feel that this costliest movie made in India till date is not of international standard. Even Shahrukh khan’s Ra.One had better VFX than this movie. Those movie fans who wish to watch this movie, please do watch only 3D version because 2D version will be very boring due to lack of script. The movie was not able to make us differentiate between a protagonist & antagonist. Note:- Its same Shankar which made us hate Kamal hassan’s son role in Indian, eventhough movie had antagonist and protagonist as same actors. In Indian movie he successfully drew a thick line differentiating hero and villain, but in 2PointO he failed.

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